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God has given you a special gift for music… how will you use it?  Somewhere beyond the commonplace “traditional” and “praise” worship services lies an opportunity for creativity and community that we feel is desperately needed in the 21st century church.  Are you up for the challenge?  Does “thinking outside the box” excite you?  Do you have a wide appreciation for a broad range of musical styles?  Do you have a desire to grow as a musician and as a follower of Jesus?  Then this just may be the position that God has been calling you to…

At Trinity Lutheran Church we are reengineering our ministries to meet the unique needs of today’s families.  We are looking for a Director of Music and Worship who will partner with us to accomplish these goals.  The ideal person will be able to embrace our traditional worship content and styles – potentially repurposing some of them – while introducing new ideas, technologies and techniques.  They will find beauty and value in the music of composers like J.S. Bach while enjoying the music of contemporary rock and pop artists.  They will desire to make a difference in the lives of other people.

RESPONSIBILITIES: The Director of Music & Worship, under the supervision of the Pastor, is responsible for the selection and performance of vocal and instrumental music for all of our worship services on Sunday mornings as well as evening worship services and special services.  They will be the primary instrumentalist accompanying the congregational singing of hymns and praise songs, as well as the leader / director of the praise band and any other singing groups / choirs.  They will also assist the Pastor in planning the structure and content of worship services and developing new, creative worship experiences.   Specific responsibilities include:

1) Using the church liturgical calendar, lectionary scripture reading schedules and worship themes provided by the Pastor as guidelines, select appropriate music for all worship services.

2) Accompany the singing of all hymns and songs on the organ and/or keyboard at all scheduled church services (other instruments may be utilized for songs performed by the praise band or other musical group).  This includes two services on Sunday mornings (usually just one during the summer months), one evening service each week (most likely on Sunday evening), Wednesday night Lenten worship (6 services total including Ash Wednesday), and all holiday services including Christmas Eve (usually two services), Christmas Day, Holy Thursday, and Good Friday.

3) Research and recommend new music for congregational singing in our worship services and assist the congregation in learning these songs.

4) Recruit members of the praise band and chime/bell choir, select appropriate music for the groups, guide the members in learning the music, and lead the groups during our worship services.

5) Organize new singing groups / choirs in the church, recruit members, select music for them, and lead / accompany them in rehearsals and performances.

6) Schedule the performance of the praise band, singing groups, choirs, external musical groups, etc. during the worship services.

7) Schedule and direct regular rehearsals for all instrumental and singing groups.

8) Coordinate the selection of supplemental or contract musicians (guest soloists, etc.) for performance on special occasions (e.g. Easter Sunday worship)

9) Facilitate the scheduling of organists, pianists or other musicians for weddings and funerals in the church as requested.

10) Coordinate the scheduling of a substitute musician / music leader for any absences.

11) Assist in the selection of music videos and other electronic media for use in the worship services.

12) Recommend new ways to incorporate music and electronic media into the worship services.

13) Maintain the music library and supervise the maintenance of all instruments (organ, keyboards, hand bells, etc.)

14) Meet with the Pastor as requested to plan future worship services, develop new programs, etc.

15) In conjunction with the church’s Administrative Assistant, keep music and media copyright licenses and agreements current and ensure that our usage is properly reported.  Advocate lawful use of music and media copyrights.

16) Attend Church Council meetings or semi-annual congregational meetings as requested.

17) Submit annual budget requirements for the music program to the Board of Elders.

18) Supervise expenditures within the approved music budget.

QUALIFICATIONS: The Director of Music & Worship must have a heart for serving, while exhibiting patience and understanding in working with people and have a desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are also expected to demonstrate proficiency in the following areas:

1) Playing the piano / electronic keyboard.

2) Reading and playing from written musical scores.

3) Serving as a lead singer on hymns and songs.

4) Leading other singers and musicians while guiding them through the process of learning new songs.

5) Familiarity with a wide array of musical styles and the ability to effectively integrate traditional hymns with more modern music.

6) Coordinating and scheduling choirs, singing groups, bands and other musical groups in the congregation.

7) Basic computer skills and competence in Microsoft Office.

8) Communicating effectively with church leaders and members in person, by telephone, via email, in writing, etc.

9) Managing the budget and expenditures of a music program.

The following are also desired competencies / traits, but will not preclude someone from holding this position:

1) Experience in leading music and worship in a Lutheran or other Christian Church.

2) Professional certification in music from a college or music school.

3) Experience in playing a traditional, multi-rank organ.

4) Proficiency in playing non-keyboard instruments (e.g. guitar, etc.).

5) Aptitude in electronic worship equipment (MIDI, sound system, etc.)

6) Experience with computer based worship software (e.g. EasyWorship, PowerPoint, etc.).

7) A knowledge of traditional Christian hymns as found in the Lutheran Service Book and similar publications.

8) The ability to adapt existing songs and hymns to new, modern settings.

This is a PART-TIME / SALARIED position with limited benefits that include paid vacation time.

Annual salary will be based upon the applicant’s qualifications and experience.  

Please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@trinitycapecoral.org or mail them to:

Trinity Lutheran Church, 706 SW 6th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33991

Director of Music & Worship (PT)